Virtual Yoga Classes

Yoga classes for all levels. Come in to our virtual studio, free your mind from stress, stretch and strengthen your body and nourish your soul.

For your own comfort find a quiet space to place your mat, set up your blocks and bolsters and wear stretchy clothing you can sweat in.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Intermediate Level

Expect to sweat! A dynamic yoga class ideal for those who enjoy some intensity in their practice, including a standing sequence of poses moving with breath and arm balances, followed by postures on the floor that will condition your body and clear your mind, leaving you feeling calm and content at the end of your class.  Designed for experienced practitioners.

Yang & Yin Yoga

All levels welcome

Combining Vinyasa Flow Yoga with the healing power of Yin Yoga, this class will leave you feeling strong and supple with a sense of wellbeing. The session involves a moving standing yoga sequence that warms and conditions your muscles followed by Yin poses on the floor to unload your joints and send chi to your cells. You get the best of both worlds. All levels welcome.

30min Refresh

All levels welcome

Designed to get you away from your desk and get the blood flowing. This 30min session focuses on core and mobility exercises. It will leave you refreshed and with a clear mind. Open for all levels.

Yin Flow Yoga

All levels welcome 

Slow down and turn your focus inward to experience the introspection of Yin – a quiet floor sequence with longer holds that release tension from your tissues and cultivate a sense of peace and wellbeing in your mind. Yin Flow begins with a slow moving sequence followed by the floor poses and is a great way to rejuvenate a tired and tight body if you’re always on the go or training hard at the gym. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga & Meditation

All levels welcome 

If you enjoy a guided meditation to help you relax deeply and release stress, these classes include Yin or Vinyasa practice with an extended meditation. You’ll leave this session feeling free in your mind as well as your body. Everyone welcome.

“Went to Vinyasa class. Excellent!!! Modern, with full facilities and spotlessly clean centre with friendly staff. I will be back.”

Bryan Luke

“Class is easy to follow and the studio is super welcoming – I highly suggest attending.”

Irma Farfan